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Skin analysis (Wood's diagnostic)

The Wood’s lamp was invented in 1903 by an american physicist Robert Wood. In human medicine it is used to detect dermatophyte infections, bacterial infections, porphyria, and pigmentary diseases. The Wood’s lamp used in aesthetic salons is a skin diagnostic device that emits long-wave ultraviolet radiation through a special glass filter. The used waveband is between 320 and 400 nm.Bőrdiagnosztika, wood lámpa

The Wood’s diagnostic examination we utilize at our salon is a procedure that uses transillumination to detect possible bacterial or fungal skin infections as well as skin pigment disorders such as vitiligo, acne, leucoderma, ephelis, cloasma, melasma, hyperpigmentation or other irregularities in the skin.




Vitiligo diagnostic method:

vitiligo diagosztizalasa arcon

Our special skin diagnostic is absolutely pain free and noninvasive. There are no risks associated with the procedure. However it is important to cover up the eyes during the procedure, since the device uses UV light! You do not need to take any special steps before this skin diagnostic procedure, however please do not wear any makeup, cream, lotion, soap pre the appointment for minimum 5 hours).



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